Eau Claire at 7:00 PM

Failure Friday Open Mic

This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to share and celebrate the failures of their endeavors. Wait, did you say celebrate failure?! Yes, we did!

While failure is a sensitive topic -- and one that often comes with feelings of discomfort, shame and even regret -- failure is a necessary phase in the journey of success. You cannot achieve the true heights of success without having experienced the true depths of failure. Our failures should be shared...and yes, even celebrated...because a celebration of failure is the same as a celebration of getting one step closer to success. 

We will use the open mic format, meaning that if you want to share your story, all you have to do is sign up at the event. 

The rules are simple: 

  • Each speaker will have about 5 minutes to share their story of failure. 

  • In your storytelling, focus on the project or endeavor and the way you felt before failing, rather than what happened after the failure or what you learned from failing. 

  • There will be time for open conversation after everyone has shared, which is when you can talk with others about what was gained from the failures shared on stage. 

  • Be respectful of everyone’s story. It is a safe environment for sharing sensitive and personal reflections. Disrespect will not be tolerated, but applause for each story is encouraged. After all, it’s a celebration!

    We’ll have the hilarious folks from Clear Water Comedy on hand to help us celebrate failure!

    This event is brought to you by You Are Here LLC,  Clear Water Comedy and The Plus.

Part of Startup Eau Claire Week, presented by Royal Credit Union.
Key local partners for Startup Eau Claire Week include Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation, City of Eau Claire Economic Development, Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program (UW- Eau Claire), Chippewa Valley Technical College Entrepreneurship Program, Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (UW-Eau Claire), Chippewa Valley Developers Group, Startup48, Chippewa Valley Tours, You Are Here, LLC, Design Dialog Co., and Red Letter Grant.