Milwaukee at 12:00 PM

The Summit 2.0 - Uniting Data, Marketing & HR - The Future Of Work

Sales & Marketing

Date & Time
Sat, Nov 10, 2018
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
250 E Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53202
It’s that time of year again and we are preparing for The Summit 2.0. Last year our focus was to help you learn to take a company from ideation, growth to exit. Flying in world class speakers and influencers with the goal of uniting people from around the world with the startup culture of Milwaukee. This year we are taking a similar but focused on a different topic.

Uniting Data, Marketing & HR To Create The Future Of Work & Brand Culture

Who should attend?
If you're in the marketing, HR or innovationspace and want to be proactive and not reactive about the future of your business this event is for you.

There is no question that there is a disconnect between the companies of yesterday and how they connect with the talent of tomorrow. It's our goal to create not only a better understanding of how to increase employee feedback, enaggement and brand evangelism but also clear action items that you can implement today to grow your team, business or organization.
Our Speakers:

Nathan Harris - Co-Founder & CEO of Ease, Inc.

Ease - Connecting People With The Roles They Were Meant For

Ease has evolved from just being a company that helps companies source freelancers to an engine driven to impact the culture of the global workforce. Using psychometric, cognitive and skills assessments to discover where people internally and externally best fit within an organization or team. We will teach you to create self-directed and -self-aware teams that are invested in the culture of your business. Educating them on the value of this and that by shifting towards gaining this understanding you can win not only the war on talent but also on market share.

Coby Skonord - Co-Founder & CEO of Ideawake

How You Can Enable a Culture of Innovation to Become the Disruptors instead of the Disrupted in Your Industry
Disruption is coming to an industry near you. It's no secret - the pace of change is coming faster than anytime in history. Although everyone knows this, what are you doing to prepare your organization for it?

Your employees are your greatest asset - are you empowering them to reach their full potential and building a sustainable business model for the 21st Century?

HR and Innovation leaders interested in enabling a culture of innovation but unsure of where to start, we'll be covering how to sell your program to key stakeholders, best practices, and examples from companies we work with disrupting the legal industry.

Quentin Allums - Co-Founder & CEO of Misfits

How To Create A Brand Culture From Within
The Misfits have built a world class brand focusing on helping people to tell their brand stories to better connect them with consumers by educating them through storytelling. The future of the talent and consumer war will be won by those that establish powerful connections. Connections that can only be established by giving people a reason to believe and in turn they find a reason to buy. Learn how you can write the first chapter of your stories brand and create legacy brand instead of a seasonal one.

Roberto Scaccia - DOT Ventures

DOT is a leading boutique technology firm that has built the products of some of Silicon Valley's fastest growing companies. Most recently developing the technology of Ease 2.0 that will be launching at the world's largest tech conference Web Summit on Nov. 5th. You will learn not only how to build a product for the future but also how to build one that matches the culture of the community that you are building. The future of work is no longer online or offline anymore. It's becoming oneline of communication that is changing the way we work, date, shop and percieve our lives. Making it now more important than ever to build products people connect with.

The Surprises
We will be allowing you to select one of our speakers. Contact us at to nominate a speaker of your choice. The top nominees will be chosen and the winner will be flown out to speak for you all!

We will also have a guest speaker that will be announced one week before the event.

We focus on creating events that impact instead of inspire you. This is because inspiration is nothing more than a feeling that can fade. However to be impacted means that we made a lasting impression on you.

We promise that this event will do just that.
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